Real Estate Agent Testimonials

"Brad Hartman has become an integral part of the services I offer to my clients. I completely trust his level of service, his ability to provide competitive rates, and his diligence to timelines and schedules. Above all I trust Brad to be honest. I never have to worry about undelivered promises. Brad truly insures that his clients are assisted through every step in the home buying process. I look forward to each opportunity I have to work with him."

-Morgan Calhoun, Bo Bridgeport Brokers

"Brad Hartman is the best mortgage professional I've ever worked with -- his excellent follow up, diligence in completion of all required tasks, and respect of deadlines always make for a smooth closing. Would definitely recommend using Brad for all your mortgage-related needs!"

-Renee Keeble, Keller Williams

“Brad offers insurmountable service. He was thorough, timely and offered competitive rates to my clients. I never had to wonder if something was slipping between the cracks- he was one step ahead. He is highly recommended to my clients as a preferred lender with competitive rates and excellent customer service.”

-Ansley Alexander, Coldwell Banker

"I recently closed with Cornerstone Mortgage with Brad Hartman and will use him again whenever I have the opportunity! Brad was on top of things through the whole transaction. He truly went above and beyond by staying late at the office on the last day of the month to make sure the property closed. Awesome follow up!"

-Kim Daniel, Power Realty Partners

"Brad is great to work with. His professionalism and work ethic are second to none. His knowledge of the business makes every transaction effortless on mine and my clients end. I highly recommend Brad in any situation. He makes everyone feel confident and happy throughout the entire process."

-Michael Price, Solid Source Realty

"Brad has the skills, knowledge and ability to deal with difficult and complex individuals. He is informative, timely and knows how to get the job done. I would have him on my team anytime!"

-Debra Gibson, Solid Source Realty

"I have highly enjoyed working with Brad as a mortgage broker. I don't have to worry about my clients' mortgage needs when I put them in touch with him. Better yet, he always keeps me informed of where they are in the process as well. Brad goes above and beyond the call of duty! I highly recommend working with him!"

-Erin Brachman, Keller Williams

"Brad is a delightful, humorous, hard working gentleman. I had the pleasure of working with him while I was employed at Milicki & Associates. He was always prepared, never late, and always on top of his game. He knows all there is to know about his profession and anything relating to it. Fun, compassionate, and intelligent all describe Brad. Don't underestimate Brad. He is a force to be reckoned with in the financial world."

-Constance Smith, Milicki & Associates

"Brad helped me close one of my most difficult buyers today. He went beyond the call of duty in our transaction. He is the best lender I've ever worked with. He really puts his heart into the deal. I am truly grateful, and from now on I will refer all my clients to Brad. He is the best of the best."

-Victoria Dunn, Keller Williams

"I wanted to take a moment to write this letter in appreciation of the service I have received from Brad Hartman at Cornerstone Mortgage Group. I have referred several of my clients his way and he always makes me look good. It is truly a partnership in that he does everything he can to help my customers through the process and feel comfortable every step of the way. He goes out of his way to provide the highest level of service possible and this is how he separates himself from the competition. Brad has also attended every closing in which we have had and is always there for any questions our client(s) might have. I have and will strongly recommend any of my contacts to use Brad as their trusted loan advisor for any home financing needs them might have."

-Chad Burchfield, Coldwell Banker

"I am writing to share my experience with Brad Hartman at Cornerstone Mortgage Group. In my 9 years in real estate, Brad and Cornerstone are one of the only companies I find that provides the rare blend of integrity, attention to detail, and great pricing with extraordinary aggressiveness and follow up. Brad takes the extra time for the purchasers with extra needs, they maintain order in a transaction when the deadlines are tight, and they fight for a new and better solution when others fail. Furthermore, Brad has helped me grow my businesses by providing an unmatched combination of service and dependability to the clients, and then selflessly stepping aside and letting the agents appear as the heroes. Cornerstone truly has a business model based on adding value first, and asking for business second. Consequently, I trust them with my most valuable assets, my reputation and my good name in the business. Thank you for the honor of speaking on behalf of Brad Hartman and Cornerstone Mortgage Group."

-Etan Levine, Keller Williams

"Brad is a great loan professional that provides our clients with options and fantastic competitive rates! Always a pleasure to work with him!"

-Kaki Colvin, Harry Norman Realtors